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convention speech was rewritten eight days earlier. kelly, a senior adviser to the campaign is dismissing all this and saying it's inside baseball gossip but nonetheless the story is coming out with the election just 50 days away. >> we'll see you tomorrow. all right. the school year is off and running for students and sylvan learning has a brand-new instructional system. it's called sylvan sync. our education reporter shows us how this new digital edge is making a difference. >> reporter: she had problems with reading and math but now she's doing better thanks to sylvan sync. >> she was struggling.
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then i realized she's in a system and she loves it and feels more confident. that's what i needed. >> reporter: sylvan supports the individual learning need with the help of technology like ipad. teacher led instructions helps. >> tools that help support a student engaging with what they're learning, help the moments with the student and the teacher and also gives the parent and the student information and insight. >> reporter: the ipad helps students and connects students, teachers and parents online. parents can also log on and help out student progress. >> as a mother, i love looking at her progress online. i like the way it's done. i can basically check her status, check the progress. >> reporter: after a few one on one sessions, she is doing much
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better in reading and math. >> really good. i really like it. >> reporter: using educational technology to help her succeed academically, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> sylvan learning said 1.5 million are used across the country. we have all new for you at 6:00, we have a fight over a parking spot that has turned violent in baltimore county. what an edgewood woman is accused of doing after losing a prized spot. >> an offer to save big on health insurance. it may be too good to be true. joce sterman tells us about the latest healthcare scam. here's what's coming up on world news. >> on the day of the biggest protest in the middle east, our reporter tracks down one of the
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views in egypt. the big picture on world news. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet
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tonight we debut a brand-new game show. it's called let's ask america. it uses skype, contestants sitting inside their own home. they're asked to predict what is america thinking. the top prize, $50,000. the host said he's had trouble sleeping. he is so excited. >> i'm totally excited, totally excited. i can cut dplassments i've been waiting for people to watch. i want them to like it and love
5:58 pm
it. >> let's ask america debuts right here on abc2. >> right before let's ask america we have another show debuting. many of us use lists to organize our lives. now the list is used to organize the headlines. the show's producer tells us what we can expect. >> we are celebrating constitution day. find out how many people around baltimore know about that historic document. we'll have the details coming up on the list at 7:00. >> a busy night. >> young drivers are steering clear of car lots, cr? >> we've got that answer coming up on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. police say a woman in whitemarsh upset with losing a parking spot, struck two people
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with her car in a feet rough rage
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